How to Collect More from your Hospital Accounts Receivable?

 Managing your inpatient billing guidelines, maintaining standards with patient care, collecting money one time by filing clean! All of the three are priority areas that must need specialized intervention.

A dedicated team of experts that knows how to drive your ROI can add tremendous value to you, offer a comprehensive plan that can eliminate proven flaws in your practice management efforts. It all boils down to finding a team of experts ahead on how to drive your hospital accounts receivable collections in the best possible manner.

  1. Robust process of follow-ups: With a clearer understanding of how to work on inpatient hospital billing and the adjudication mandates, a quality revenue cycle management will reduce the pending accounts receivable and the days between the patient being discharged and the payment is made.

  2. Working on your denials: It becomes critical for streamlining both the front and the back end areas that can help you eliminate the gap which is making you lose money. Effective denial management standards are a must for knowing the reasons for the rejections and correcting the same during the process of appeals.

  3. Underpayments / Appeals: With an extensive understanding of insurance guidelines and patient accounts receivable, experts analyze the process and offer you customized solutions and that too at the best rates that help you in reducing your costs of operations. Also, full support is extended in reaching out to payers regarding the status of the claims submitted.

Sunknowledge delivers timely value

Extensive knowledge of the guidelines that are been followed by the payers, working on the process of timely filing, per diem rates, DRG, and the case rates, Sunknowledge knows what it takes to transform your cash flow. We know it all with our experience of working with long term care, physician practices, nursing home, and hospitals.

As a next-gen destination, and at just 1% of collections we can drive your hospital accounts receivable collections and guarantee unprecedented collections from the aging bucket and reducing it by 30% to 40% within the first thirty days. Our experts will love to share our ideas with you.

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